Science has made steady progress towards a greater understanding of how the universe works, and by extension, the objects, forces, and living things in it. Because we stand on the shoulders of giants, we have technological and medical marvels that can send cancer into remission, replace amputations with functional prosthesis, and in some cases even give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.

Yet despite these modern marvels, a social movement has gained traction (as it does every other generation or so) that insists that eschews that which isn’t “natural.” This nature vs. artifice debate can be seen in trends in television and film, in literature, and in art. Audiences will engage with concepts, themes, and methods associated with the natural for a decade or two, then trends will shift and audience will seek artifice.

These casual swaying back and forth in entertainment pales in comparison to the aggression and vitriol seen in the alternative medicine movement. Staunch believers in alternative or complementary medicine often decry modern medicine because of its artifice, and elect their “natural” alternatives instead, despite lack of evidence of their efficacy, and growing evidence of their potential harm.

It’s time we started to trust the scientific method: observable, measurable, and repeatable methods that provide real results. Alternative medicine often provides false hope when those who use it would spend their time better preparing for forthcoming eventualities.

Together, we can rebuild the trust we once had in medical science—the science of saving lives. Join the Association of Caring Nurses to fight agains So-Called Alternative Medicine!