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Alternative medicine (sometimes called “complementary medicine,” or “integrative medicine”) is a $37 billion a year industry. Over a third of Americans incur out-of-pocket expenses on pseudoscientific treatments that either supplement or replace conventional medical practices. This often leads to an inappropriate misdiagnosis of serious conditions, and the eschewing of established medicine when doing so can be dangerous or even deadly – which can trump any health benefits that were there to begin with.

The Association of Caring Nurses (fighting against) So-Called Alternative Medicine (ACN-SCAM) is dedicated to the promotion of modern medicine and the dissemination of the scientific principles that govern it. Our goal is to help proponents of alternative medicine to return to the use of actual medical practices.

ACNSCAM beliefs

We believe that, while some practitioners of alternative medicine believe their practices help heal their patients, many are charlatans, barely better than con artists. Regardless, no practitioner can offer evidence for the efficacy of their work that is verifiable, measurable, or repeatable.

Alternative medicine generates false hope in the minds of those who use it, and then invites them to pay handsomely for it. Many throw away thousands seeking miracle cures, when they could be spending that time, energy, and money on the pursuit of a happy life, and on treatments that actually work. Some of these cures can sometimes come in the form of FDA-unregulated MLM scams or pyramid schemes that sell nothing more than hope in a bottle and a promise of compensation made from having a large upline of recruits.

With alternative medicine growing in popularity, and being offered by reputable organizations like Yale Medical School, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Duke University, our mission has become ever more important. The general public needs to be informed regarding the dubious nature of alternative medicine, and they need to be protected against the mindset that alternative medicine provides more effective or more comprehensive solutions than actual medicine. Mary Cupisz-Taylor, chairman of ACN-SCAM, believes that our efforts are important and that we must come together to promote health and wellbeing in the most effective ways possible. Cupisz-Taylor believes that a group of nurses banding together can have a strong impact to desist the lies that have continued to spread about alternative medicine.

As nurses, our responsibility is to see that every individual receives the care they need. To this end, we focus our efforts on informing the public about the science of actual medicine, and dissuading them from wasting their time and money on superstitious practices.

We are the Association of Caring Nurses (fighting against) So-Called Alternative Medicine (ACN-SCAM), and we want the whole world to know the truth about medicine. A legitimate health practice will ensure that their patients are taken care of and not taken for a scam. Many of these people that are selling their health scams will tell you that it can work, but we’re joining efforts to keep Americans from losing money.